Terrorists Attacked Casino In Africa

Casinos are establishments that have flourished for years across the world. They are found in the United States, Europe, Dubai and China. But casinos are also present in Africa and they also generate a significant turnover than Western casinos. Something quite extraordinary happened at a gambling establishment in Kenya. It’s almost even having goosebumps.

Extremely violent, a terrorist group extracted in a gambling establishment and caused the death of several people. On the night of March 27 to 28, 2013 around 2 a.m. A shootout broke out. (Info released in the West only now *)

According to casino officials. This is not the first time that this kind of news item has happened. In this coastal resort very popular with tourists from all walks of life and all nationalities, the shock is present in all souls.

The criminals, very well organized and whose plan had been planned long before the attack, brandished loud and clear their interest in a government that despises them and demands the independence of their region whose dominant religion is Muslim.

This very violent separatist group caused great carnage by killing 7 dead in total including 1 police officer. According to the judicial authorities, it would be the terrorist group MRC (Council of the Republic of Mombasa)

The aim of this terrorist plan was to show a strong message about the much contested election of President Kenyatha. An investigation is opened on the legitimacy of these elections. The thugs tried to enter the casino with great difficulty without being able to access it by blocking a group of police already there.

All embassies and consulates of all countries including France are on Alert. It is highly advisable to remain particularly attentive so as not to be the victim of another terrorist attack.

Aggrey Adoli, regional police chief said in an interview: “ Six of the assailants have been shot, but regrettably these assassins also killed one of our police officers, so far we have no report that possible tourists could have been injured during the attack.  A total of 100 people, ready to give their lives to be heard. The police did everything to push back the criminals ”

Adoli adds “ At the time of the incident, four police officers were present in the casino when the raid took place . There was a large crowd of violence outside the casino, as the terrorist groups wanted to try to get in at all costs, but we are happy that we were able to push them back. ”

In these confrontations, the police still managed to arrest four people.

“ We have a contingent of police looking for the attackers, we suspect they are hiding in the forests near Malindi. We will do everything to stop them. ”Concluded the Chief of Police.

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