Will There Soon Be Casinos In French Polynesia?

This is the question we asked ourselves. The CESC gave yesterday morning its agreement on a possible establishment of casino games in French Polynesia.

The project has been under study for a long time. The question was whether it would bring a positive aspect to tourism and to the population. What economic and social impact of having a casino is so important for Polynesia? The majority vote of the committee was decided by 27 votes in favor, 5 votes against and 6 blank votes. The gaming industry is indeed a novelty for Polynesia. No casino is set up for the moment. The committee’s report is clear on the subject. We do not know with what consequences casino games will be welcomed in the territory. A new form of entertainment on what already exists. The objective of this idea was obviously to be able to create jobs and generate tax revenues.

The report adds that before any casino establishment, tourists and locals should be aware of the risk of addiction this can entail. The authorities must set up a special organization to prevent against gambling addiction and in order to protect excess.

” Finally, the establishment of a casino will not put an end to illegal offers of games of chance “, concludes the report adopted by the CESC, which ” calls on the State for a strengthening of the penal sanctions imposed on the tenants Illegal gambling ”

The CESC representative believes that the report favors casinos much more and there is no indication that the population agrees on the subject. The debates are heating up. The file is considered complete and plays a lot on words to respect the opinions of each. Yes, but here it is, the report emphasizes the favoritism and the benefit of the casinos in this country where the population has abuses in the games.

In French Polynesia, the inhabitants know the Games well, between betting on cockfight, gambling, sports betting, etc. A casino could make the majority of these people addicted. The opponents exclaim loud and clear and are certain that the inhabitants will go bankrupt in this kind of establishment.

A resident testifies: “ I know what I’m talking about, since my brothers were young, they have always had a fondness for games. When they started to play, they didn’t stop. I remember when they won everything was fine, but when they lost it was not worth it, they sold their own land to replay… This project is a killing tool… It will ruin a lot of people. People are not going to have anything anymore. ”

The opinion of the commission will still have to be validated by the State of the country before the agreement and on the construction of a first casino. The country will therefore have the final decision to choose whether around 2014, an establishment would be favorable or not in the territory. For many, it would be a great disaster.

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